Custom Tactical Patches

custom tactical patches

Custom tactical patches are a way for military and law enforcement units, and other organizations to add a personalized touch to their uniforms and gear. They can be used to showcase rank, unit insignia, awards and accomplishments, and even convey important information like blood type or allergies. They are commonly attached to hats, uniforms, backpacks and other gear and can be customized with text or artwork. These patches are often embroidered or laser-cut, and can be made in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs.

Tactical Style: Creating Your Own Custom Tactical Patches

Using the right type of patch can help ensure your team’s safety and visibility in a tactical environment. For example, a reflective police patch can make your members easily visible in low-light conditions. This is accomplished by incorporating materials that reflect direct light, such as reflective tapes and IR films, into the patch’s design. Laser-cut patches can also offer a more precise and clean finish, as well as greater detailing of texts and images.

In addition to their use by military and law enforcement personnel, custom tactical patches are popular with individuals who participate in outdoor activities such as airsoft and paintball. They can also be used by martial artists to show support for their dojos, and by motorcycle clubs to identify themselves as members. In addition to these uses, they are often used by aircrew and pilots, both military and civilian, to represent their units and aircraft.


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