Shisha Vibe Vape Shop Upgrades Loyalty Program

A leading UK vape retailer is elevating its customer loyalty strategy with a digital platform that perfectly reflects its brand. Established in 2013, Shisha Vibe is the country’s premier choice for top-tier hardware, E-Liquids, flavors, and vape tanks.

Shisha Vibe Vape Shop to Stamp Me, the retailer created a modern, user-friendly program that deepens customer engagement and drives repeat business across all its London locations. The new system has two tailored loyalty cards leveraging interim rewards to keep customers engaged and encourage them to visit again. The first card is designed for shoppers spending PS3 to PS9: every purchase earns a stamp, and after 8 stamps, customers can select from a selection of free e-liquids and discounts on vape kits. The value of these rewards escalates with 16 and 24 stamps, demonstrating Shisha Vibe’s commitment to rewarding loyalty.

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Additionally, the online vape store is now offering free Royal Mail Tracked 48 shipping on all orders over PS20 in order to ensure its valued customers receive their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Shisha Vibe’s new website also offers a range of in-depth articles to educate its customers on how to get the most out of their vaping experience.

Moreover, the company’s recently launched disposable vape recycling scheme, in partnership with Waste Care — a recycling and waste management service specializing in hazardous waste removal — is another example of the UK-based vaporizer retailer’s dedication to its local community. The initiative aims to reduce landfill waste and mitigate the environmental footprint of disposable vapes by providing customers and the community with easy access to 30-litre bins for responsible disposal.


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