SeedProd Homepage Design – How to Design a Homepage That Stands Out From the Crowd

A homepage is the first page that loads when someone enters your website’s URL. There is a lot of focus on the homepage design when building a website, as it often delivers the first impression to visitors.

A good homepage is designed to pique the interest of your visitors and encourage them to delve deeper into your site’s pages. It is also a great place to display your contact information and social media integration. A call to action or CTA is one way to pull people into the interior pages, start the marketing cycle, or at least initiate immediate contact. The easier and more intriguing you make it for the visitor to simply click this CTA, the greater the chance they will invest time in exploring your website.

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Speaks of your brand: Your homepage can reinforce the message that you’re an expert and help to build trust in your customers. It’s also a chance to create some personality and differentiation from the competition.

In addition to a header, hero image, and contact information you can include a featured post area, social feeds, an FAQ section, team sections, client testimonials, features, a contact form, and more. SeedProd comes with a number of pre-made ‘Sections’ to make it easy to create a custom homepage, fast. To preview a section, hover over it and then click the magnifying glass icon. To add a section to your layout, just drag and drop it into the position you want it to appear.


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