Open Stage of Harrisburg

The Open Stage of Harrisburg is the oldest professional theatre company in the Harrisburg area. We produce thought-provoking and contemporary plays. Since its inception in 1976, the organization has worked hard to create a network of artists and spectators. Not only does the organization support the performing arts, it also supports marketing campaigns and other initiatives that promote local culture. It is an integral part of the community and has created a welcoming and supportive environment for artists.

As a part of the community, the Open Stage hosts a variety of live performances, including concerts and musicals. These events are held in a casual, informal atmosphere, giving attendees an opportunity to interact with other members of the community. Moreover, aspiring performers are invited to perform in Open Stage’s venues, and if they impress, they may be booked for future events.

The theatre is divided into different parts, such as the stage, the house, and the backstage. Each part is typically set up with different features. For instance, the backstage is usually a separate area for actors, while the stage is usually a level surface surrounded by audience seating on all sides. In addition, the backstage area is often used as a storage area for other elements of the performance.

A typical theatre has a control booth. This is typically located in the back of the auditorium. Sometimes, the booth is set up closer to the stage for audio mixing. Some theatres have dressing rooms, sound shops, and costume shops. They are also equipped with mirrors for the cast to apply make-up.

A thrust stage is the earliest stage type of Western theatre. Typically, this type of stage has audience seating on three sides, and it protrudes out into the auditorium. Most of these venues have seating that is usually square, but it can also be semicircular or round.

Another type of theatre is a traverse. It is like a theatre in the round, except that the playing area is elongated. However, the audience is divided into two sections, and the entrance to the performance is on the opposite side of the theatre.

There is also a black box theatre, which is an unadorned space. These types of theatres are often used in multipurpose halls. Other theatres have their audiences seated in rows facing the stage.

An Open Stage concert is a great opportunity for beginners to play elementary pieces in front of an audience. It is also a perfect chance for seasoned players to share their music with others.

A performance on the Open Stage is always a popular event, drawing a large crowd. Tickets are $5 at the door. The Open Stage is open from 8:30PM to 11:30PM on the first Saturday of each month, during Postcrypt season. If you want to play, sign up at 8:20PM. Only one sign-up sheet will be made by the manager.

DTSA launched the Open Stage this spring with help from Downtown Inc. and Calle Cuatro Marketplace.


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