Innovative Myopia Management Techniques

A variety of strategies have been developed to slow Lasik Marketing progression, including eyeglasses with specific lens powers to reduce near vision stress on the eyes, bifocal or multifocal contact lenses, and orthokeratology (ortho-k). Low-dose atropine therapy, which uses a medication applied as eye drops, has also shown some promise, as has the use of red-light therapy, a recently emerging treatment that may slow myopia progression by altering the focusing mechanisms of the eye.

What are the prevention and modern methods of treatment of myopia?

In addition, a new generation of digital technologies can address the need for better monitoring, prediction and control of myopia progression. These include advanced AI applications, augmented reality/virtual reality/wearable devices and self-monitoring/management systems.

Both doctors emphasized the importance of educating patients and parents on myopia management options, including lifestyle advice, to help them understand the long-term benefits. This is especially critical when talking with younger children, as they are often unfamiliar with terms like “myopia” and “progression.” They both agreed that it is crucial to simplify the information to make it easier for children and their parents to grasp.

Both doctors shared their experiences with implementing myopia management techniques in their own practices. Both reported a positive impact on patient loyalty and satisfaction, and some even saw an increase in revenue. One of the most important aspects, however, is building a team mindset to support implementation of myopia management. This means having the entire practice team on board and fostering a culture of change.


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