How to Get the Most Out of Your HD Prints

hd prints

High Definition Printing

Similar to high definition TV,hd prints brings images to life in a more realistic way. It also has a much smoother tonal graduation and is a lot less grainy.

HD Aluminum Metal Prints

Known by various names including Brushed Aluminum Prints, DiBond prints and Metal Photo Prints, these ultra-premium photo products will make your best photos look even better!
They’re a sleek modern way to display your work without the need for framing. They come in a variety of different sizes and can be easily hung for a frameless appearance.

HD Prints: Bringing Your Images to Life with Stunning Detail and Clarity

Acrylic prints have been the standard of the trade for many years, but with the advent of HD metal, it is no longer the only option to produce high-quality photographic artwork. The newer process allows for a higher quality picture to be produced from your original file using archival inks on a durable substrate.

Unlike acrylic prints, they’re not prone to damage or scratching from a hard brush or finger. Additionally, they’re a lot more lightweight, making them an excellent choice for art shows and transporting your prints.

Glossy prints are great at bringing bright colors to life and make your photo more ‘pop’. They’re also a lot easier to clean and wipe off fingerprints and smudges than glass or acrylic.

In order to get the most out of this technology, you need to shoot at the highest resolution your camera can handle and use the correct techniques to get your images in focus. These techniques include high contrast, vibrant photos, and lots of details with fine lines such as eye lashes, for example.


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