Goldendoodle Separation Anxiety Solutions


Goldendoodle Separation Anxiety Solutions are naturally loyal and affectionate pets, and they quickly bond with their human families. But this strong attachment can sometimes create a problem when they are left alone. Like other dogs, Goldendoodles can develop separation anxiety because of their instinctual need to be part of a pack for survival and security. This can be compounded by traumatic experiences, such as those experienced by shelter or puppy mill dogs.

Symptoms of separation anxiety in Goldendoodles may include barking, whining, chewing, eliminating indoors, scratching furniture or carpeting, digging, and destructive behavior. When this happens, it’s important to remember that your dog is not punishing you by acting in this way. They are truly distressed and fearful when they are isolated from their people.

Golden Solutions: Tackling Separation Anxiety in Goldendoodles

To help your dog with separation anxiety, start by desensitizing them to the cues that signal you are leaving — such as putting on your coat or picking up your keys. When you do leave, make sure to say goodbye calmly and quickly and give your pet a treat as a distraction when you walk back in the door. Don’t linger or act sad, as this will reinforce their reasoning for getting upset.

You can also try using calming music or scents to help your dog relax when you are away from home. A soft blanket that has your scent on it, a worn piece of clothing that has your smell on it, or even some of your perfume can provide comfort and reassurance that you will return.


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