Felt Marker

Narqueur feature is a great tool for any artist who wishes to draw, color or write. These pens have various ink types that make them suitable for many different projects. Some are permanent, and others fade or smudge over time. They can be water-based or oil/alcohol-based. Felt tip markers are available in a wide range of colors and widths, allowing artists to create a unique style for their works.

A felt marker pen has a felt tip that draws ink from an internal reservoir. These pens typically have an eraser on the end of the cover for easy cleanup. There are two main types of felt marker pens: the tapered cover and the raised or dimple type. The latter resembles a fountain pen and has a flat area on the top of the cover.

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The first felt-tip marker was invented by Sidney Rosenthal in 1953. The concept involved placing a felt-tip pen on the end of a liquid ink and discovering that it saturated an absorbent surface, yielding rich color and permanence. The first marker pens were cylinders filled with liquid ink, but technical advances in dye chemistry and nib and reservoir design allowed for the development of a felt-tip marker that could be used on any surface.

Unlike pencils, felt-tip pens allow writers to move faster. They also enable students to take risks and explore new ideas without fear of making mistakes. As a result, they’re an excellent choice for young learners.


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