Moisture and Mold Inspection

A Moisture and Mold Inspection is a thorough inspection of your building for potential problems with moisture and mold. It includes a detailed examination of the interior, exterior, and ventilation systems of your building.

A moisture and mold inspection is a good idea if you notice mold or musty odors in your home, or if there are recurring water leaks or other water problems that need to be repaired. These issues can cause major damage to the structure of a building and affect the health of those living or working in it.

Moisture is the main ingredient of mold growth. To prevent mold growth, control moisture levels in your home by avoiding the use of wet materials and drying wet areas immediately after seeingpage, leaks, or other forms of water damage.

There are many ways to control moisture, including installing a proper ventilation system in high-moisture areas and keeping the house or building at a reasonable temperature. There are also a variety of non-invasive tools that can help you keep the humidity in your home low and reduce the chances of mold growth, such as moisture meters and dehumidifiers.

Cost: A basic mold inspection and sampling costs around $200-500 for a typical home, depending on the size and complexity of the home. Additional samples would require extra fees.

A professional mold inspector can perform a comprehensive inspection using specialized equipment that can help identify the source of moisture and mold, and develop a remediation plan. They will take air samples and surface samples and send them to a laboratory for analysis. They can then report their findings and provide recommendations to you.