Using the Scoring Table to Compare Scores

Scores Overview

The Scoring Table Overview table displays a comparison of scores across rater groups and helps the subject identify strengths and weaknesses. It can display recode values for specific questions (“items”) in a scoring category, or for all items in a scoring category. It can also display the importance score, a measure of the relative impact of each item in the scoring category.

Game-Time Precision: How Scorers Tables Elevate the Basketball Experience

In addition, a graph of the score to measure conversion is displayed. The graph resembles the Test Characteristic Curve (TCC), with the curve’s point at the point in question being the predicted score on that item. The value of a score on the TCC can be estimated from a probability table based on the standard normal distribution. The probability table is calculated by subtracting the mean from a sample and dividing it by the standard deviation.

If the TCC has not yet been calculated for a particular score, then its value is NULL. To change the default value for this column, open the Score Overview table in the Query Builder and select an option from the Scoring Category dropdown list. Then, click to show the Score Overview table in the Result Viewer.


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