How to Complete a Successful Shower and Tub Remodel

The tub and shower are a major part of your bathroom. When you want to update your bathroom without making a significant investment, replacing your tub and installing a new shower is one of the most affordable options. However, it’s important to consider your family’s needs, and how removing a bathtub may affect your home’s resale value.

How long should a bathroom renovation last?

For this reason, many homeowners choose to retain a tub in their master bath, while upgrading the other bathrooms in the home with showers instead of tubs. bathroom – remodel CT also important to decide if you’ll use the same material for both the shower walls and floors, or if you’ll choose a different option for each.

If you decide to remove your bathtub, it’s best to work with a professional to ensure that the subfloor isn’t damaged from overexposure to moisture. Once you’ve repaired the subfloor, you can install your new shower and start to enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom.

Most DIYers choose to purchase a prefabricated tub-to-shower conversion kit from a home improvement store. These kits are available in a wide range of sizes and design aesthetics to fit your space. When installed properly, they are easy to clean and will last a long time.

Before starting your shower remodel, rent a dumpster to collect all of the demolition debris and cut down on cleanup time. You should also rent a tarp to cover the tub while you’re emptying it, and take this opportunity to fix any signs of rot or water damage to the subfloor.


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