Heavy Duty Casters For Workbench Use

heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters are designed with thicker top plates, legs and other components. They are preferred in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, heavy fabrication and manufacturing. They come in a wide range of swivel, rigid and brake options. Read more castercity.com

Casters that are easy to roll

When choosing casters, consider whether the equipment you want to move will need to be moved frequently. If so, you’ll want to choose soft materials such as rubber or polyurethane.

They’ll also be less prone to scratches and slides on your floor. If your equipment isn’t constantly being moved, you can go with hard casters made of plastic.

Brakes that engage and disengage easily

When buying casters, you’ll need to look for ones that have a brake feature. These are particularly important if you’ll be moving your workbench often.

The Importance of Ergonomics When Choosing Heavy Duty Casters

The best casters for workbench are those that offer a quick foot-activated brake system that allows you to easily engage and disengage the wheel. This makes it easier to move your equipment from one place to another and can save you a lot of hassle in the long run!

These casters are made of durable polyurethane rubber that won’t scratch, damage or smudge your floors. They also don’t rust and won’t vibrate or rattle the object they’re attached to.

These casters come with a double ball bearing for smooth, effortless motion. They’re also equipped with a top plate swivel that allows you to rotate your equipment 360-degrees. The wheels can take up to 150lbs of load each, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor equipment.


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