Fun Websites to Pass the Time

fun websites

If you are bored and can’t think of anything interesting to do, here are a few fun websites that will help pass the time. From games and music to trivia and quizzes, these sites will have you engrossed in your own world for hours on end.


This website features all of the most popular GIFs, which you can share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. These short animations are a great way to make your tweets stand out, and they are also easy on the eyes.

Fail Blog

This site is full of incredible fails and gifs, which will certainly give you a good laugh. They include everything from a dog licking its nose to a woman walking into Walmart wearing a strange outfit and a grocery list.

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This is a fantastic escape from boredom and an alternative to BuzzFeed. It highlights odd, strange, and bizarre things that happen around the globe and delivers unique articles not available on BuzzFeed.

Space Pictures

This cool website is a daily source of high-resolution space photos from the Sun to the Milky Way and beyond. The best part is, they’re free to use and you can see them in HD!

Pixel Thoughts

This sixty-second meditation tool will help you calm your mind and focus on the things that matter. It’s incredibly simple, but it works well to relax and unwind.

Playing Fun Websites

The Internet is a vast place with more than 1 Billion websites. There are millions of sites that provide entertainment and information, but not all of them are good for passing the time.


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