Facebook Ad Advantages For eCommerce Websites

Facebook ad advantages

Facebook ad advantages have 2.8 billion monthly active users across its Facebook and Instagram platforms, giving marketers access to one of the largest digital advertising networks on the planet. Couple that with precision targeting options and it’s easy to see why many businesses choose to invest in Facebook ads.

According to Wolfgang Digital’s 2020 KPI report, Facebook Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace ads are the top-performing ad types for eCommerce marketers. This is no surprise as they offer a high return on ad spend (ROAS) and allow advertisers to reach highly engaged, relevant audiences.

Navigating Success: Exploring the Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Another key Facebook ad advantage is the powerful analytics and reporting tools it provides to marketers. Through Facebook’s Ads Manager interface, business owners can view campaign performance in real time, gaining insights into impressions, clicks, and conversions to optimize ad campaigns for continual improvement. Facebook also offers audience breakdowns for age, gender, location, device type, and other user actions to inform ad placement decisions.

Using a tracking pixel placed on your website, Facebook can quietly collect and assemble data points that allow you to target users who have already interacted with your business or are interested in what you offer. This is known as remarketing. For example, you can build an exact audience that contains all of your past customers and use this list to target them with dynamic ads containing products they have added to their cart or pages they have visited on your site. This is an excellent way to increase customer retention and upsell/cross-sell opportunities.


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