Breakthru College App Review

Breakthru College low-income students see themselves as capable of success in college. It supports them with academic support during school, weekend and summer programs and provides help with standardized testing, applying to college and managing time. It also helps students find scholarships and internships.

The app has five main sections, a home page, discover page, create, chat and profile, making it easy to navigate and use. The discovery page is full of opportunities, both college and job related, providing a valuable resource for student athletes. The create section allows users to post sports content that is authentic and not filtered or fake, helping students stay connected with their team and with other high school teams. The chat section is designed to connect students and coaches from across the country and encourages good sportsmanship which is so important for student athletes.

With the profile section, Breakthru College lets users track and highlight their achievements and accomplishments. It also includes a privacy control feature to protect students. The app is a great tool for student athletes, and I would highly recommend it to any high school athlete or coach!

Breakthrough Minneapolis at Blake

As a first-generation college student, Reynoso had never seen herself as someone who could succeed in higher education. But she found a community at her university and began to thrive. And now, she wants to bring that same sense of belonging to her students.


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